App Camp Description

App Camp is a week-long camp where students 6th grade and up will spend Monday-Friday, 9AM to 3PM learning to develop their own applications for Android platform phones. Students will work both in pairs and as individuals to learn the basics of application development.

KC Power Source will provide computers and Android phones. Students will need to provide their own lunch. The cost of Android App Camp will be $160 per student. Each camp is hosted by a Kansas City Metro Area FRC Robotics team and information about each camp's specific dates and locations can be found by navigating to Dates/Registration on the menu to your left. Upon registering for a camp, parents will be emailed a confirmation. About two weeks before the start of camp parents will receive an email with pick-up and drop-off locations.

Students are not required to have any prior programming experience but those with experience are welcome to register and may also consider attending the "iPad Programming Experience" Students should enjoy working through concepts and solving problems both on their own and in small groups or pairs. If you still aren't sure about attending Android App Camp please feel free to contact us with further questions. You can also register online now!